The Barony of Rivenstar

Rivenstar is a small, non-profit group affiliated with the SCA. As part of a mobile design course, I've redesigned the barony's page and maintain it as the group's "webminister". The site was created using the Twitter Bootstrap framework, HTML5, & CSS3.

To see the site live, please visit the following link:

World Leaders in Innovation

World Leaders in Innovation is an interactive infographic concept that utilized data from the World Bank.

To see the video, please visit the following link:

Koi Pond

Koi Pond is a mobile application that mimics the 80's game Simon. It was created using Adobe Flash and Adobe Illustrator.

To play the online version (without working high scores) please visit the following link:

The Adventure Spot

The Adventure Spot is my graduate thesis project for the Academy of Art University. The image featured is a visual mock-up of the project. I did not create the images under the 'Featured Adventures' section.

To see the current prototype, please use the following link:

(This site was created using WordPress, Bootstrap, HTML5 & CSS3. It is only a WIP and is not yet functional.)

CJPOTF Billboard

A billboard created for the Combined Joint PSYOPs Task Force (CJPOTF) in Kabul, Afghanistan.